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Tribal Marketing

Posted by jose on 28 January, 2009

Tribal marketing is a marketing strategy that attempts to create social groups or communities that are centered around a product or service. The credo of tribal marketing is that postmodern people are looking for products and services that not only enable them to be freer, but can also link them to others, to a community, to a tribe.

MACH, John 2005

With this, tribal marketing is aiming to strenghten the links with the consumer also, it explores the emotinal side of the customers focusing the motivations and feelings of his tribe or target audience.

As we can see on the video tribal marketing is focused on company/consumer relationships instead of traditional marketing where the consumers are viewed as passive and isolated. Nowadays consumers are increasingly joining tribes to share and express their passions through rituals and practices

A good example of tribal marketing is the Obama campaign. As i read on an article by DeAndrea Laub:

“What makes the Obama supporters so much more enthused (and therefore willing to donate millions) about their candidate than the McCain supporters? Obama got beyond his fear of being a leader, got beyond his fear of speaking up for what he believes in, and was able to inspire a nation to follow him. Obama also figured out what were the common, core beliefs of his followers and embraced them. Obama was able to successfully lead, to successfully inspire a tribe to follow him, to believe in him, and to act on their beliefs. ”

So, the main advantage of tribal marketing is the ability to create groups and this will be more easier to a markeeter put in practice his work. But the biggest disadvantage is that not all consumers feel the same way and its difficult to “fit” them all in different “tribes”.

It’s time to re-think the company, it is time to go tribal!



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